Wednesday, August 21, 2013


So yesterday our plane landed in Ben Gurion. We are now officially Israelis, though it was quite anticlimactic to be unceremoniously handed my Teudat Zehut and be told "you're now an Israeli" as the guy walked away. 

But while sitting on the plane I had a thought I want to share. I'm not sure what I make of it myself.
I was going to start off this blog post with "We made aliyah", but since I was typing this on the plane, and I hadnt actually landed yet, I figured I should start by saying "I am making aliyah", in the present tense. 
And that is when I realized that aliyah is not just a past or future tense (I made aliyah, I will make aliyah, I will never make aliyah, etc) word. There is a present tense to aliyah. 

Aliyah is not an act of relocation. Nor is it a one time momentous occasion of "coming home", "arriving", or "returning". It's a lifetime process. And perhaps the interesting phenomenon that is the choice of nomenclature is pinpoint accurate - it is ascension, in all matters...

Anyway, we are here, been around a bit, and are adjusting nicely. There's a snafu with darling wife's Teudat Zehut, so we need to brave the Misrad HaPnim to get it fixed...which may be an exciting adventure. To put it mildly. Other than that, the jet lagged children having temper tantrums quarter hourly, the parents unable to sleep normally, a slew of new things to get used to, and dearly missing old friends and family, things are great! 

More later. 

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